Working together to enhance recovery

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RECOVER Leadership

The Consortium collaborates with patients, caregivers, and community representatives across all levels of the initiative, including in national leadership roles and within local communities in study locations.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee directs the overall RECOVER Initiative strategy and ensures that RECOVER meets its scientific objectives and mission by

  • leading and overseeing the operations;
  • evaluating the progress of studies and advising the NIH and the Steering Committee if any changes are necessary; and
  • offering recommendations to the NIH on matters regarding high-level processes, procedures, plans, and strategy.

Voting Members

Gary Gibbons, MD Senior Oversight Committee Co-Chair

Director, National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute

Walter J. Koroshetz, MD Senior Oversight Committee Co-Chair

Director, National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke

Hugh Auchincloss, MD Senior Oversight Committee Co-Chair

Acting Director, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases

Joseph Breen, PhD Senior Oversight Committee Co-Chair Designee

Immunoregulation Section Chief, Division of Allergy, Immunology, and Transplantation, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases

Amy Patterson, MD Senior Oversight Committee Co-Chair Designee

Deputy Director, Clinical Research and Strategic Initiatives, National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute

Clinton B. Wright, MD, MS Senior Oversight Committee Co-Chair Designee

Director, Division of Clinical Research, National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke

Diana Bianchi, MD Senior Oversight Committee Member

Director, Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development

Patricia Flatley Brennan, RN, PhD Senior Oversight Committee Member

Director, National Library of Medicine

Director, Transversa Myelitis Center, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Professor of Neurology and Pathology, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Betty Diamond, MD External Expert

Director, Institute of Molecular Medicine & Maureen and Ralph Nappi Professor of Autoimmune Diseases, Feinstein Institutes for Medical Research

Professor, Molecular Medicine and Medicine, Donald and Barbara Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra/Northwell Health

Chief of Neurology Clinical Outcomes Research and Population Sciences, Columbia University Irving Medical Center

Professor of Neurology and Epidemiology, Columbia University Irving Medical Center

Mitchell Miglis, MD External Expert

Clinical Associate Professor, Neurology & Neurological Sciences, Stanford Center for Sleep Sciences and Medicine

Clinical Associate Professor, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Stanford Center for Sleep Sciences and Medicine

Wendy Post, MD, MS External Expert

Director of Cardiovascular Research, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Professor of Medicine, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Professor of Epidemiology, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Felicia Davis Blakley Co-Chair, RECOVER National Community Engagement Group

President and CEO, Chicago Foundation for Women

Heather Yates Co-Chair, RECOVER National Community Engagement Group

Program Coordinator, Office of Student Conduct at West Virginia Clinical & Translational Science Institute

Ex-Officio, Non-Voting Members

Andrea S. Foulkes, ScD MPI, RECOVER Data Resource Core

Director of Biostatistics, Massachusetts General Hospital

Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School

Professor of Biostatistics, Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health

Stuart D. Katz, MD MPI, RECOVER Clinical Science Core

Director, NYU Langone Health Heart Failure Program

Professor of Advanced Cardiac Therapeutics, NYU Grossman School of Medicine

Lisa Newman, MSPH PI, RECOVER Administrative Coordinating Center

Research Epidemiologist, RTI International

Tracy Nolen, DrPh MPI, RECOVER Clinical Trials Administrative Coordinating Center

Associate Professor of Pediatrics, Duke University School of Medicine

Kanecia Zimmerman, MD, MPH PI, RECOVER Clinical Trials Data Coordinating Center

Associate Professor of Pediatrics, Duke University School of Medicine

Jeffrey Burns, MD, MPH Co-chair, RECOVER Observational Studies Steering Committee

Chief of Critical Care, Boston Children's Hospital

Chair, ICU Governance Committee, Boston Children's Hospital

Chair, International Health Services, Boston Children's Hospital

Professor of Anesthesia and Pediatrics, Harvard Medical School

Serena Spudich, MD, MA Co-chair, RECOVER Observational Studies Steering Committee

Co-director, Center for Neuroepidemiology and Clinical Neurological Research, Yale School of Medicine

Division Chief, Neurological Infections & Global Neurology, Yale School of Medicine

Gilbert H. Glaser Professor of Neurology, Yale School of Medicine

Eldrin Lewis, MD, MPH Co-chair, RECOVER Clinical Trials Steering Committee

Chief, Division of Cardiovascular Medicine, Stanford School of Medicine

Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine, Stanford School of Medicine

Laurie Gutmann, MD Co-chair, RECOVER Clinical Trials Steering Committee

Chair, Department of Neurology, Indiana University School of Medicine

Professor of Neurology, Indiana University School of Medicine

Chief Medical Officer and Director, Center for Clinical Standards and Quality, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services

Rear Admiral and Assistant Surgeon General, U.S. Public Health Service

Deputy Assistant Secretary for Science and Medicine, Office of the Assistant Secretary of Health, U.S. Department of Health & Human Services

Director, Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research, U.S. Food and Drug Administration

Sam Posner, PhD

Acting Director, National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Hilary Marston, MD

Chief Medical Officer, U.S. Food and Drug Administration

Executive Director, Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute

Observational Cohort (OC) Steering Committee

The RECOVER OC Steering Committee ensures that RECOVER observational cohort studies work toward the overall goals of the RECOVER Initiative by

  • checking on progress and performance to make sure that study activities are completed on time,
  • reviewing reports on the quality and completeness of study data,
  • reviewing reports from the other Committees and Boards, and
  • considering any new information from sources outside of RECOVER that may be relevant to the studies.

The OC Steering Committee reports to the Executive Committee as needed on

  • new challenges and opportunities that arise,
  • requested changes to daily operations or procedures for RECOVER studies, and
  • any other issues that might impact the scientific goals and/or budget.
OC Steering Committee Voting Members
  • Serena Spudich - Co-chair
  • Jeffrey Burns - Co-chair
  • Charles Bailey
  • Hassan Brim
  • Alexander Charney
  • Mine Cicek
  • John Crary
  • Jamie Elifritz
  • Aloke Finn
  • Thomas Flotte
  • Andrea Foulkes
  • R. Graham Barr
  • Rachel Gross
  • Melissa Haendel
  • James Heath
  • Rachel Hess
  • Sally Hodder
  • Leora Horwitz
  • Vanessa Jacoby
  • Elizabeth (Beth) Karlson
  • Stuart Katz
  • Rainu Kaushal
  • Lawrence Kleinman
  • Jerry Krishnan
  • Craig Lefebvre
  • Emily Levitan
  • Bruce Levy
  • Jeffrey Martin
  • Grace McComsey
  • Torri Metz
  • Thomas Tony Minor
  • Shawn Murphy
  • Jane Newburger
  • Lisa Newman
  • Igho Ofotokun
  • Sairam Parthasarathy
  • Thomas Patterson
  • Ross Reichard
  • Kyung Rhee
  • Upinder Singh
  • Jessica Snowden
  • Cheryl Stein
  • Melissa Stockwell
  • James Stone
  • Brittany Taylor
  • Stephen Thibodeau
  • Andrea Troxel
  • David Warburton
OC Steering Committee Ex-Officio Members
  • Gabriel Anaya
  • Audie Atienza
  • Andra Blomkalns
  • Melissa Bondy
  • Benjamin Chen
  • April Joy Damian
  • Dawood Darbar
  • Ray Ebert
  • Robert L. Ferrer
  • Josh Fessel
  • Aloke Finn
  • Paul Fontelo
  • Emily Gallagher
  • Jennifer Gander
  • Marila Gennaro
  • Stephen Hewitt
  • Carol Horowitz
  • Sarah Jolley
  • Suzanne Judd
  • Bill Kapogiannis
  • Barbara Karp
  • Jerry Krishnan
  • Sweta Ladwa
  • Grace McComsey
  • Julie McMurry
  • Lucio Miele
  • Sindhu Mohandas
  • Janet Mullington
  • Margaret Ochocinska
  • Princess Ogbogu
  • Michelle Olive
  • Gail Pearson
  • Priscilla Pemu
  • James (Zach) Porterfield
  • Tony Punturieri
  • Jane Reusch
  • Kathleen Rodgers
  • Juan Salazar
  • Lisa Schwartz-Longacre
  • Sudha Seshadri
  • Eyal Shemesh
  • Vignesh Subbian
  • Jun Sun
  • Mehul Suthar
  • David Systrom
  • Barbara S. Taylor
  • PJ Utz
  • Tiffany Walker
  • Juan Wisnivesky
  • Dana Wolff-Hughes
  • John Wood

Clinical Trials (CT) Steering Committee

The RECOVER CT Steering Committee ensures that RECOVER Clinical Trials studies align with the overall goals of the RECOVER Initiative by

  • helping to develop and optimize the clinical trial portfolio;
  • formally reviewing and providing feedback on clinical trial protocols;
  • providing high level guidance to ensure the clinical trials meet their scientific objectives and mission;
  • assessing scientific progress;
  • considering strategies to ensure timely implementation and addressing operational challenges; and
  • serving as a source of clinical, scientific, and patient input.

The CT Steering Committee reports to the Executive Committee as needed on

  • status of the clinical trials being conducted,
  • new challenges and opportunities that arise,
  • requested changes to daily operations or procedures for RECOVER clinical trials, and
  • any other issues that might impact the scientific goals of the studies.
CT Steering Committee Voting Members
  • Laurie Gutmann - Co-chair
  • Eldrin F. Lewis - Co-chair
  • Kevin Anstrom
  • Lucinda Bateman
  • Marta Cerda
  • Christopher Coffey
  • Judith Currier
  • Anne Davidson
  • Brian Fallon
  • David Knopman
  • Barry Make
  • Christine Maughan
  • Susan Redline
  • Cyndya A. Shibao
  • Richard Whitley
  • Gloria Yeh
CT Steering Committee Ex-Officio Members
  • Marie-Abele Bind
  • Jason Gerson
  • Tracy Nolen
  • Leonard Sacks
  • Andrea Troxel
  • Kanecia Zimmerman

The Steering Committee rosters do not include NIH noncommittee member attendees.

National Community Engagement Group

The RECOVER Initiative’s National Community Engagement Group (NCEG) helps ensure that RECOVER research meets the needs of patients, caregivers, and community members. NCEG works closely with RECOVER study leaders and other RECOVER groups to guide them on the best ways to engage with participants and the community. The NCEG is made up of patients and caregivers affected by COVID and Long COVID. It also includes people who work with communities affected by COVID, such as Black and Tribal communities.

NCEG members will

  • share thoughts from the patient and community point of view about the experience of people affected by Long COVID,
  • help decide what are the important research questions,
  • review and give feedback on study materials,
  • provide advice about the best way to collect information from participants,
  • look at the study findings and think about how to share them, and
  • ensure RECOVER study leaders follow the guiding principles below when engaging with the public and participants.

Guiding Principles for RECOVER’s Community Engagement

The RECOVER Patient and Community Engagement Strategy describes how RECOVER will engage people affected by Long COVID. The strategy helps ensure that we include people from all communities and backgrounds. The strategy features RECOVER’s Guiding Principles for patient and community engagement, which underpin RECOVER’s continued engagement efforts. These guiding principles are values that RECOVER will follow when engaging with people interested in joining a study, with participants, and with the public.

Inclusivity and diversity:
We will include a diverse group of people in the RECOVER study, including study staff, leaders, and participants. Our goal will be to include people of many races and ethnicities, ages, genders, jobs, education levels, incomes, U.S. locations, and those who have different health conditions. We will think carefully and often about who is not involved in RECOVER and how we can engage and involve them with respect.

We will promote a culture of safety to ensure that Patient, Caregiver, and Community Representatives feel physically and emotionally secure, and that participants enrolling in the studies feel welcomed and engaged.

We will openly share information about the RECOVER study and its findings with participants and the public with the aim of fostering and maintaining trust.

Accessibility: We will share information about the RECOVER study in a way that people can easily find and understand it. We will work to limit barriers to increase enrollment to studies.

Two-way communication:
Communication between RECOVER staff and the public, including participants, will be two-way so that both groups can send, receive, and share information. We will ask participants and the public for their input and questions about the RECOVER study and will use their feedback to improve the study. Participants and the public will be able to send us their questions, and we will listen carefully and answer them. These collaborative communications will inform and contribute to the decision-making processes of the initiative.

We will hold RECOVER staff and leaders responsible for making sure RECOVER follows research standards and ethics, including to do no harm and to avoid re-traumatizing individuals and communities.

We will work and search for opportunities for collaboration to get input and feedback through forums and discussions.

NCEG Co-Chairs

Felicia leads the Chicago Foundation for Women’s strategic efforts, investing in women and girls as catalysts for change. She has spent most of her career in public service, first as a member of the Chicago Police Department as a police officer and a violent crimes detective. Later, she served as the inaugural Executive Director of the Office of Public Engagement in Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s administration, and as Interim President of Olive-Harvey College, where she was a leader in developing, maintaining, and evaluating academic programs. Felicia was also an appointee to the Illinois Senate’s Sexual Discrimination and Harassment Awareness and Prevention Task Force and a member of Governor JB Pritzker’s Inauguration Committee. Currently, she serves on the Board of Regents for Mercy Home for Boys and Girls, iHeartMedia Chicago’s Local Advisory Board, and the University of Chicago, Court Theatre Board of Trustees. Felicia is a founding member of the Chicago Foundation for Women’s South Side Giving Circle.

As the manager of Faith-Based Outreach at the MetroHealth Medical System in Cleveland, Tony manages a communitywide network of faith-based organizations to collaboratively improve the health of community members. He also currently operates Project Thrive, a faith-based initiative designed to equip faith communities to respond to community trauma, toxic stress, and grief. He recently served as the Director of Advocacy for the Lutheran Metropolitan Ministry, focusing on public policy issues impacting vulnerable populations. Tony also served as the director of Project Safe, an HIV prevention program, and as the Co-Manager of Father and Families Together at the Center for Families and Children. He also developed the Safe Streets/Safe Schools project that is designed to address issues related to community violence and trauma. Tony has a bachelor’s degree in English from Morehouse College, a Master of Divinity from the Inter-Denominational Theological Center, and a Doctor of Ministry from the United Theological Seminary in Dayton.

Brittany is a public health practitioner with 13 years of experience overseeing and implementing projects focused on maternal health, chronic disease management and prevention, infectious disease control, tobacco cessation, and health equity advancement. She has served in leadership positions on several grants and research projects funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the National Institutes of Health, the Preventive Health and Health Services (PHHS) Block Grant, and the Health Resources and Services Administration. She has held leadership positions with the National Million Hearts Initiative, Deloitte, CDC Diversity & Inclusion Team, and the National Association of Chronic Disease Directors, Cardiovascular Health Leadership Council. Brittany is a graduate of the College of Charleston where she received a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration and of Mercer University where she earned her Master of Public Health. She is also a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated.

Heather works for West Virginia University as a Case Manager for the Office of Student Conduct and Academic Integrity. She is originally from Beaver, Pennsylvania, but currently resides in Morgantown, West Virginia. Heather is a 1995 graduate of Edinboro University. She is the mother of two, Jordan, 26, and MacKenzie, 21. She worked in social service for over 20 years, 10 of which she served as Executive Director of CASA of Beaver County, PA. Heather has a passion for advocacy and helping others, which explains her enthusiasm for her volunteer work within the RECOVER Initiative. As a PASC patient, Heather hopes that her participation in the study will help the medical community better understand why specific individuals are more susceptible to Long COVID and how to successfully treat the wide range of symptoms. In addition to her participation in the study and NCEG, Heather is also a member of the RECOVER Executive Committee and serves on the RECOVER National Community Advisory Board.

NCEG Members

NCEG members are listed with permission. This roster is not a comprehensive list of NCEG membership, as some participants prefer to contribute to the NCEG without being listed publicly and we honor their preference.

  • Felicia Davis Blakely - Co-Chair
  • Thomas Tony Minor - Co-Chair
  • Brittany Taylor - Co-Chair
  • Heather Yates - Co-Chair
  • Teresa Akintonwa
  • Jamila Boyd
  • Heather Elizabeth Brown
  • Megan Carmilani
  • Marta Cerda
  • Whitney Fields
  • Roberto Garcia
  • Yvonka Hall
  • Kevin Kondo
  • Fadwa Lawrence
  • Jacqui Lindsay
  • Christine Maughan
  • Marjorie Roberts
  • Nitza Rochez
Ex-Officio, Non-Voting Members

Learn more about how RECOVER research works and the role of patients, caregivers, and community representatives.

Cores Operations Group

The RECOVER Cores Operations Group (COG) serves as a coordinating center for RECOVER governance activities by

  • providing ongoing strategic and operational oversight for coordination of RECOVER Core activities,
  • providing ongoing operational oversight for coordination of RECOVER sub-awards,
  • evaluating reports and proposals from RECOVER Oversight Committees and RECOVER Pathobiology Task Force Committees for referral to the RECOVER Steering Committee, and
  • providing a forum for resolution of issues that may arise amongst the Core investigators related to study operations.

Additionally, the COG serves as a forum for the RECOVER Cores to coordinate activities and solve problems that arise within the Consortium.

The RECOVER COG is responsible for

  • providing programmatic guidance to the Consortium,
  • monitoring progress toward the Consortium goals and developing solutions to any operational barriers or problems,
  • evaluating recommendations and issues that arise in the Working Groups, Task Forces, or other Oversight Committees, and
  • developing recommendations for the Steering Committee.
  • Lisa Newman - Chair
  • Frank Blanceró
  • Mine Cicek
  • Lauren Decker
  • Jasmin Divers
  • Ray Ebert
  • Tonya Farris
  • Valerie Flaherman
  • Thomas Flotte
  • Andrea Foulkes
  • Rachel Gross
  • Sally Hodder
  • Leora Horwitz
  • Beth Karlson
  • Stuart Katz
  • Craig Lefebvre
  • Lisa Schwartz Longacre
  • Shawn Murphy
  • Michelle Olive
  • Tony Punturieri
  • Upinder Singh
  • Stephen Thibodeau
  • Andrea Troxel
  • David Warburton
  • Jordan Weyer

Oversight Committees

These groups help monitor and support RECOVER studies. This includes helping study leaders, teams, and study participants.

The Oversight Committees help make sure the research studies meet the RECOVER project goals, help researchers fix any problems, and protect those taking part in the studies. Groups will include researchers, experts, patients, caregivers, and community members.

The 6 Oversight Committees are:

This group helps RECOVER leaders decide how to put study participants into different groups depending on their COVID symptoms and other tests. They also look at study results and help decide what the results mean in real life. And they help decide if harmful events have happened to any study participants. And if so, whether the events are because of the study. If they are, they help decide how those events will be reported.

Sarah Jolley - Chair Tiffany Walker - Vice Chair Khamal Anglin Emilia Bagiella Ryan Branski Rodica Busui Marissa Diggs Vivian Gainer Sunanda Gaur
Linda Geng Jonathan Klein Jai Marathe Lisa McCorkell Jarrod Mosier Binita Shah Dimpy Shah Peter Whitesell

Beyond the RECOVER studies, there are many other COVID studies going on around the world that are looking at COVID and its long-term effects or other illnesses that act or look like COVID. This group looks at other studies to see how they match up with the RECOVER studies and for similarities or differences in study goals.

Juan Salazar - Chair Jerry Krishnan - Vice Chair Hassan Ashktorab Jeannette Beasley Karyn Bishof W. Brian Reeves Yu Chen Lori Chibnik Dani Dumitriu Jennifer Frontera Paul Goepfert Sylvie Goldman Stephen Hewitt
Matt Huentelman Barbara Karp Bruce Levy Shawn Murphy Janko Nikolich-Zugich Margaret Ochocinska Laura Pace Alice Perlowski Sujata Thawani Hannah Valantine Drenna Waldrop Dana Wolff-Hughes

This group works to make sure that study participants have a good experience in the study. They ask for comments, thoughts, ideas, and advice from people in the study and from community members and researchers. They also find ways for communities to take part and be active in the project.

Suzanne Judd - Chair Robert L. Ferrer - Vice Chair Stephanie Albert Nina Blachman Natalie Boutin Phoebe Burton Marina Catallozzi Cheryl Clark Beth Dworetzky Belinda Edwards
Beatrice Huang Hugh Musick Divya Pathak Gail Pearson Kristen Pogreba-Brown Hengameh Raissy Lynne Richardson Russell Rothman Laura Wagner Ann Wallace

This group makes sure that any reports about the RECOVER project are shared in a way that most people can find and understand them. They also make sure that decisions about who can be authors are made fairly. The group will review what people are reporting on about RECOVER and will help decide what study results are most important and should be written about first.

Andra Blomkalns - Chair Julie McMurry - Vice Chair Ingrid Bassett Diana Berrent Hassan Brim Rebecca Clifton Phoebe Del Boccio Nathan Erdmann Kristine Erlandson Josh Fessel Valerie Flaherman Margot Gage Witvliet Mark Goldberg Edmond Kabagambe
Patricia Kinser Grogery Laynor Grace Lee Grace McComsey Brian McCrindle Praveen Mudumbi Girish Nadkarni Sairam Parthasarathy Priscilla Pemu Dustin Rabideau Erika B. Rosenzweig Sara Stewart de Ramirez MeLee Tom David Warburton

This group makes rules to double-check the quality of information collected by RECOVER and its studies. This includes making sure the study results are accurate and complete.

Vignesh Subbian - Chair Jennifer Gander - Vice Chair Audie Atienza Charlie Bailey James Chan Nancy Chang Mine Cicek Hannah Davis Kathi Diviak Ray Ebert Dan Fort Janos Hajagos Kellie Hawkins
Shahidul Islam Dan Kelly Patricia Kovatch Simon Li Holden Maecker Emily Pfaff Zaki Sherif Mansi R. Thakrar MeeLee Tom Jordan Weyer Jennifer Wheeler Meredith Zozus

This group helps researchers plan, set up, and do the RECOVER studies. They make sure each study’s goals are the same and are in line with the overall goals of RECOVER. They also find ways to encourage people to join and stay in the studies.

Juan Wisnivesky - Chair Barbara S. Taylor - Vice Chair Chris Chute Katharine N. Clouser Juan Espinosa Megan Fitzgerald Andrea Foulkes Steve Goodman Bill Kapogiannis Elizabeth (Beth) Karlson Barbara Karp Lawrence C. Kleinman Adeyinka Laiyemo Emily Levitan Gabrielle Maranga
Gailen Marshall Jeff Martin Robin J. Mermelstein Torri Metz Jennifer Muszynski Igho Ofotokun Sairam Parthasarathy Mary Beth Scholand Howard Sesso Nora Singer Cheryl Stein Lauren Stiles Melissa Stockwell Tanayott (Tony) Thaweethai

Pathobiology Task Forces

Pathobiology is the study of why diseases happen in the body. In large research studies, a task force is a group of experts organized for a specific task. Because COVID can affect many parts of the body, we need experts in all types of diseases and body systems to help us learn why. Each RECOVER task force has experts in different kinds of health problems and body systems. One thing each Pathobiology Task Force does is keep researchers up to date on the latest science about how COVID may be causing health problems. This helps RECOVER leaders to get the best results from RECOVER studies.

Each task force includes patient, caregiver, and community members from across the country. They are like the people taking part in the RECOVER studies and can be a voice for study participants. As part of the task force, they share their thoughts, feelings, experiences, and advice, including how COVID has affected their loved ones, their communities, and more.

The 12 Pathobiology Task Forces are:

This group helps the RECOVER studies answer questions about how COVID may cause long-term problems that affect the heart, blood vessels, and lungs.

Aloke Finn - Chair John Wood - Vice Chair Natasha Altman Tell Bennett Soham DasGupta Tyler Gustafson Francois Haddad Priscilla Hsue Pavitra Kotini-Shah Sankaran Krishnan Anu Lala-Trindade Simon Lee Alem Mehari Patricio Millar Vernetti Andre L. Moreira
Anoop Nambiar Robert Padera Gail Pearson Dhaval Raval Franz Rischard Erika B. Rosenzweig Barbara Sampson Frank Sciurba Jackie Szmuszkovicz Julie Thompson Dongngan Truong Viola Vaccarino Alison Van Dyke George Washko David Zidar

This group helps RECOVER studies answer questions about what is similar or different among the long-term problems caused by COVID and problems caused by other viruses.

James (Zach) Porterfield - Co-chair David Systrom - Co-chair Hector Bonilla Christine Capone Sekai Chideya-Chihota Rohan Hazra Leonard Jason Dan Kelly Joyce Lee-Iannotti Vincent Marconi Joshua Milner
Benjamin Natelson Lisa O’Brien Carlos Oliveira Zaki Sherif Nora Singer Jessica Snowden Sabrina Tan Emily Taylor Monica Verduzco-Gutierrez Suzanne Vernon

This group helps look at how RECOVER can

  • answer questions about why some people are more likely than others to have long-term problems with COVID, which may be because of things such as where they live, how much money they have, or how hard it is for them to get healthcare;
  • best collect information from COVID patients and their caregivers to find out how COVID is affecting them; and
  • work with people and leaders from different communities to influence how the study is done and who is involved.
Carol Horowitz - Chair April Joy Damian - Vice Chair Anita Walden Brett Anderson Sujata Bardhan Leah Castro Deena Chisolm Claudia Corchad Casey Daniel Walter Dehority Gniesha Dinwiddie Candace Feldman Lisa Goldman Rosas Janice John
Keila Lopez Karen Lutrick Carina Marquez Shelly McDonald Pinkett Larissa Myaskovsky Heather Prendergast Lidia Regino Kim Rhoads Gelise Littlejohn Thomas Joel Tsevat Nita Vangeepuram Zanthia Wiley Neely Williams Shonna Yin

This group helps RECOVER studies answer questions about how COVID may cause

  • damage to the immune system, which would make it harder for our bodies to fight infections and other diseases; or
  • problems with blood, such as blood clots.
Princess Ogbogu - Chair PJ Utz - Vice Chair Galit Alter Hulya Bukulmez Jiang Chao Ai-Ris Collier Karen Costenbader Betty Diamond Nahed Elkassar Nathan Erdmann Frances Eun-Hyung Lee Alicia Gaffney Sacha Gnjatic Jason Goldman Jim Heath Bill Kapogiannis Hye-Sook Kim
Ellen Kraig Timothy Lewis Joy Liu Gabrielle Maranga Aprajita Mattoo Joshua Milner Sindhu Mohandas Janko Nikolich-Zugich Michael Peluso Bellur Prabhakar Divi Rao Jay Ravel Nadia Raytselis Marian Sullivan Paul Thuluvath Sidney Whiteheart

COVID can affect many areas of the body, from the smallest parts (such as cells) to many of the major organs, such as the heart and lungs. This group helps RECOVER studies answer questions about how COVID affects different parts of the body at the same time or one after another, and how this can lead to long-term problems.

Dawood Darbar - Co-chair Janet Mullington - Co-chair Nina Caplin Aloke Finn Thomas Flotte David Goldstein Meredith Hay Ellie Hirshberg Barbara Karp
Dean Kellogg Jr Rebecca Letts Michael Portman David Putrino Jacqueline Rutter Joel Trinity John Wood Roham Zamanian

This group looks at how researchers can study medications and treatments that may treat or prevent the long-term effects of COVID.

Grace McComsey - Co-chair Kathleen Rodgers - Co-chair Judy Aberg Farshad Aduli Lawrence Baizer Hector Bonilla Maged Costantine Amelia Deitchman Kelly Filipski Jeffrey Fine Liza Fisher Paul Fontelo Vilma Gabbay Jason Goldman
Mi Hillefors Verna Holmes Arthur Kim Gregory Mertz Sindhu Mohandas Margaret Oochinska Thomas Patterson Michael Peluso John Quigley Nadine Rouphael Bob Tamburro David Williams William Zempsky

This group helps RECOVER studies answer questions about what happens at each step after an infection with the virus that causes COVID. These steps include how the virus attacks cells and causes the various diseases we see after COVID infection.

Benjamin Chen - Co-chair Sindhu Mohandas - Co-chair Christian Bime Steven Bradfute Tom Connors Krista Coombs Glenn Fishman Maria Laura (Marila) Gennaro Timothy Henrich Pras Jagganathan
Judith James Boris Juelg Christina Kim Michael Portman Brian Reeves Jalees Rehman Ignacio Sanz Zaki Sherif David Zidar

This group helps RECOVER studies answer questions about how people with metabolic disorders—like diabetes (high blood sugar)—may be at higher risk of long-term effects from COVID. They will also think about whether long-term effects from COVID may put people at higher risk of these types of health problems.

Emily Gallagher - Chair Jane Reusch - Vice Chair Leyna Aragon Irina Buhimschi Floyd (Ski) Chilton Ralph DeFronzo Mandana Khalili Angesom Kibreab
Tracey McLaughlin Nandini Nair Venkat Narayan Elizabeth Phillips Lorenzo Ivonne Schulman Aasma Shaukat Deborah Wexler Jonah Zaretsky

This group helps RECOVER studies answer questions about the virus that causes COVID. They look at how the virus causes COVID infection, how the virus is changing, and ways it may cause long-term harm to our bodies.

Marila Gennaro - Chair Mehul Suthar - Vice Chair Ami Bhatt Hassan Brim Shari Brosnahan John Coffin Adolfo Garcia-Sastre Joerg Graf Tim Henrich Nahed Ismail Paul Keim
Hye-Sook Kim Jeanne Marrazzo Rebecca McGrath Sindhu Mohandas Christopher Montgomery Radu Postelincu Ryan Ranallo Kentner Singleton Adam Spivak Alexander William Guangming Zhong

This group focuses on how COVID may cause changes in the brain and nerves that can lead to short-term or long-term mental health problems.

Sudha Seshadri - Chair Eyal Shemesh - Vice Chair John Andrefsky Bryan Bander Douglas Bremner Michael Carrithers Melissa Cortez Richard Gallagher Alejandra Gonzalez Duarte Joanna Hellmuth Todd Horowitz Barbara Karp Mansoor Malik
Shawn Murphy Ganesh Murthy Tessie October Sharon H. O'Neil Lisa Prentiss Caitlin Rollins Jonathan Rosand Scott Russo Amy Salisbury Alan Seifert Wendy Silver Naomi Simon Leanne Williams

“Omics” is short for the types of science that end with the letters -omics—like genomics, the study of genes. This group will look at how RECOVER studies can do medical or scientific tests on different body systems to learn more about the long-term effects of COVID.

Lucio Miele - Co-chair Jun Sun - Co-chair Masanori Aikawa Hassan Ashktorab Noam Beckmann Wendy Chung Joaquin Espinosa Xiaowu Gai Jim Heath Stephen Hewitt
Benjamin Horne Jessica Lasky-Su Cheryl Maier Lauren Nichols Nadia Roan George Saade Kumar Sharma Stephanie Shiau Stephen Thibodeau Sam Yang

This group helps RECOVER researchers think about how to measure and track the long-term effects of COVID in large groups of people.

Melissa Bondy - Co-chair Priscilla Pemu - Co-chair Stephanie Wilson Archer Paul Barach Victor Castro Mine Cicek Joanne Elena Kacey Ernst Dan Fort Brian Hendricks Bertha Hidalgo Cory Hussain Carmen Isasi Dan Kelly
Adeyinka Laiyemo Margaret Lanca Juan Lewis Heidi May Kimberly McHugh Naoko Muramatsu Girish Nadkarni Kian Nguyen Lisa Postow Suchitra Rao Dimpy Shah Sidd Shenoy Dana Wolff-Hughes
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