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RECOVER Infrastructure

The RECOVER Cores, the Administrative Coordinating Center, and the Clinical Trials Data Coordinating Center provide the RECOVER Initiative's infrastructure, or organizational framework, around which the research is conducted.

Together, their primary role is to build and support the RECOVER Initiative, its participant pool and team of investigators, and to ensure that data are standardized and effectively shared among researchers and with the public.

Administrative Coordinating Center, RTI International

Provide oversight and monitoring support in addition to communication, work group, protocol development, and implementation support. Learn more about RTI International's role.

Biorepository Core, Mayo Clinic

Receive, manage, and make available to researchers a diverse range of biospecimens obtained from RECOVER research studies. Learn more about Mayo Clinic’s role.

Clinical Science Core, NYU Langone Health

Build the RECOVER Consortium—a group of lead investigators among the research awardees—to harmonize and coordinate data, develop methods for monitoring protocols, and guide communication and engagement with key stakeholders such as patients and clinicians. Learn more about NYU Langone Health's role.

Clinical Trials Data Coordinating Center, Duke Clinical Research Institute

Oversee the clinical trial infrastructure and work to accelerate the clinical trial process, establish a patient registry, and launch prevention and therapeutic multi-intervention studies for adults and children. Learn more about Duke Clinical Research Institute’s role.

Data Resource Core, Massachusetts General Hospital

Help enable tracking and searchability across all data sources and provide expertise in statistical analyses and data standardization, access, and sharing. Learn more about Massachusetts General Hospital’s role.

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